Advantages of the Patented Drive System

When looking at the patented drive System by Action Signs and Billboards you can't help but notice the simplicity of the design because there are very few parts and the parts that are there are easily accessible when the cover is open.

On the mechanical side of the patented drive system you won't find the following:
  • multiple gears or gearboxes along with the hardware needed to mount them
  • multiple couplings, crosses and the hardware needed to attach them to a shaft
  • multiple bearings and blocks
  • sprockets
  • chains
  • long drive shafts
  • seals
  • oil
  • grease
On the electrical side you won't find the following:
  • inverter to convert from 120 volt power to three-phase power
  • inverter to convert from AC power to DC power
  • motor controller
  • sensors
  • circuit boards
What you will see on the mechanical side of the patented drive system is:
  • a simple disk with a bolt in the center located above each prism
  • one continuous aluminum rectangle that runs the length of the sign
  • one dowel pin above each prism and attached to the continuous aluminum rectangle
  • one link arm
What you will see on the electrical side of the patented drive system is:
  • an off the shelf timer to control viewing time of each face
  • an off the shelf timer if you want to control when the sign is turned on and off (you won't need this if you want the sign to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week)
  • one or two off the shelf switches depending if you use one timer or two

Other Advantages of Our Signs:

  • We don't need a truss box to keep the drive system aligned. If the top frame where the drive system is located moves around the continuous aluminum rectangle simply moves with it.
  • The patented drive system allows the motor to be up and running at full speed before it starts to rotate the prisms eliminating high starting torque and high in rush current. This also means the motor runs more efficiently.
  • The prisms rotate slower at the beginning of the turn, speed up through the middle of the turn and then slow down again at the end of the turn.
  • The motor is a standard off the shelf motor.
  • On a 10-ft x 24-ft sign the motor draws less than 2.3 amps of current.
  • Our signs feature a strong aluminum anodized frame that prevents corrosion and look very sharp. No need for painting.
  • The prisms are 6 inches across the face with a .25 gap between prisms.
The advantages just listed give the user of our signs some great benefits.


Our signs are lightweight. Similar signs on the market are 2.5 times heavier than our signs, which may require a change to your structure in order to accommodate the additional weight. With our lighter weight signs you don't have to change your structure. This keeps your installation cost down and allows you to move the sign to different locations if you wish.


Our signs have very few parts. This means you get a very reliable sign that will run for many years with little maintenance or down time.


Our patented drive system is so simple we can keep our cost down and pass the savings on to you.